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Todd Winters, watercolor artist
25 Jul

Todd Winters

Expressive Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings I love going to outdoor art shows.  Art and nature are just the perfect combination and bring out all the beauty in the artists’ works.  That is particularly true of Todd Winters, whom I met at an art show in Cloudcroft years ago.  His colors are so memorable that I tracked […]

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amber jewelry
24 Apr

Amber: Millions of years old, but oh so beautiful today!

Amber is fossilized resin of ancient trees living 25 to 50 million years ago. However, some pieces have been found which can be as old as 130 million years. Amber is produced from a marrow discharged by trees belonging to the pine genus, like gum from the cherry, and resin from the ordinary pine. It is […]

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The Wind is Calling, by Sarah Janece Garcia
31 Mar

The Artwork of Sarah Janece Garcia

Watercolor Artist I was watching the news in San Antonio, Texas one morning, when something caught my eye.  Let’s make that “someone.”  There is a segment of the news where a comedian goes out and does some real life news stories.  That particular morning he was doing a paint-off with an emerging artist.  I stopped, […]

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Thom Munson, silversmith
1 Jun

Thom Munson, Master of Silver and Stones

Sometimes you run across something that just catches your eye. It makes you stop, look and connect. It is what I encountered when I saw Thom Munson’s creations. Thom has been making his gemstone creations for over 40 years. Is he a Native American? Well, just a little on his mother’s side, but mostly he […]

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19 May

Laura Ingalls, Jewelry Designer

Laura Ingalls has never done anything on a small scale. She has been making jewelry since she was a teenager, and now designs everything from interiors to clothing to shoes to jewelry. Most of her creations went to family and friends, but because her designs were so unique, she started Laura Ingalls Designs. The oldest […]

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14 Dec

The Place to Stay in Santa Fe

Casita Turquoise Vacation Rental The historic downtown area is the most magical place in Santa Fe!  The Santa Fe River flows cheerfully along the galleries located on Alameda Street. One of those galleries is the Turquoise Butterfly: a gallery filled with all different kinds of art. One can find jewelry, clothing, pottery, knives, candles, original […]

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27 Apr

Gemstone and Mineral Artist

Gemstone and Mineral Artist: Zee Zee is a native of Arizona and was born into the world of gems, minerals, and fossils as the son of world renowned mineral collectors. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, his parents were responsible for opening many of the most renowned mineral pockets throughout Arizona. As a child, Zee had […]

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retail renovation
19 Feb

If Only the Walls Could Speak

The Turquoise Butterfly is shaking things up!  With the new addition of a grand entrance to the gallery, the rock hammers are working on creating an opening to the original building.  What we didn’t expect is that the original building that now houses our gallery is made of huge rocks that more than likely came […]

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Fashion Show
19 Feb

Fashion Show Benefit for Children’s Miracle Network

Fall brings about Fashion Week in Santa Fe, but it is more than just new designs and colors. This year a group of young women got together and raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network at the same time! The Miss New Mexico organization teamed up with The Turquoise Butterfly, to put on a benefit […]

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2 Jun

2014 is the Year of the Horse in Santa Fe

Wander down to the corner of Shelby and East Alameda, and you will see a spectacular sight of two horses rearing up at each other, as if in a fight to the finish.  Mane’s flying, muscles straining, and a look of danger in their eyes!  The horses are a work of art and are from […]

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